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ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. The following is a List of reporting countries/areas in JSON format (UN numeric codes). List of partner MDV Maldives MEX Mexico Continents for these countries. Please note that "EU" and "AP" codes are only used when a specific country code has not been designated. Blocking or re- directing 

Country Codes. ISO-3166 alpha2 ISO-3166 alpha3 ISO-3166 numeric fips Country Capital Area in km² List of Countries and their respective ISO Code | Dec 09, 2016 · This is a list of all countries from ISO 3166.. The format is "safe_key|value". The safe_key is the ISO 3166-2 code of the respective state and the value is the name of the respective state. Country code list - World countries List of all countries in the world. Name, continent, country code and links to wikipedia and maps.

country codes in iso 3166; codes from iso 3166-1. country a 2 a 3 number ----- aaland islands ax ala 248 afghanistan af afg 004 albania al alb 008 algeria dz dza 012 american samoa as asm 016 andorra ad and 020 angola ao ago 024 anguilla ai aia 660 antarctica aq ata 010 antigua and barbuda ag atg 028 argentina ar arg 032 armenia am arm 051

Mexico country code, +52 country codes MX and Mexico phone number. Find out how to make an international +52. Country Calling Code. MX. 2 Digit ISO  ISO 639-1 is the alpha-2 code. Multiple codes for the same language are to be considered synonyms. English Name of Language, All English Names, All French  Andiamo's list of ISO language codes. Find the two-letter language code for each country by scrolling through the list or typing it into the seach bar. 30 Apr 2018 Full list of ISO 3166 alpha 2, alpha 3, numeric, and international calling country codes, or country abbreviations, that represent world ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes are two-letter country codes. Mexico, MX, MEX, 484, 52. 14 Feb 2019 actual ISO 3166-1 country codes, with the ontology and codes for the other parts of Alpha-2 country code for Antigua and Barbuda AG AG Alpha-3 for Mexico MX MX Alpha-3 country code for Mexico MEX MEX Malaysia  ISO 3166-1 alpha codes are defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). When addressing shipments to territories, the Country should be designated as ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 Codes Mexico, MX, = MX, Mexico.

Alpha-2 Codes listed in International Standard ISO 3166-1, “Codes for the Subdivisions – Part 1: Country Codes”, which is available on the Online Browsing Platform of Mexico. MY. Malaysia. MZ. Mozambique. NA. Namibia. NE. Niger. NG.

Surrounding countries e.g. for travel, flights. In the immediate vicinity of Mexico are countries such as Guatemala, Belize & El Salvador. Neighbouring Country 

3166-2 country subdivision code / DIS published November 1996 3166-3 Code for formerly used names of countries / DIS expected spring 97 Quote: We are delighted to notice that the acceptance of ISO3166 among users of country codes is growing. However, the use of ISO3166 e.g. in the Internet

ISO Alpha-2, Alpha-3, and Numeric Country Codes. Bookmark/share this page The ISO country codes are internationally recognized codes that designate every country and most of the dependent areas a two-letter combination or a three-letter combination; it is like an acronym, that stands for a country or a state.

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IP2Location™ ISO 3166-2 Subdivision Code is a free data offered for your download. This data contains the ISO3166-2 code for the states/regions used in our geolocation database. You can easily retrieve the ISO3166-2 code by mapping the country code and subdivision name.

Here is the widely-used ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format for use in SAS. It is commonly called the two-letter country code format. The PROC FORMAT code generates a character format, so where the raw data contains a code, such as US, it expands it to the pretty name, such as United States. ISO 3166-1 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia